LearnDash LMS Demo

This is a minimalist demo of a Learning Management System powered by one of the most trusted LMS plugin on WordPress. This demo site has been fully optimized for maximum speed and performance by eLearning evolve

Why Choose LearnDash LMS?

Customizable LMS

LearnDash is built on the top of WordPress CMS. This gives you the ability to fully customize your LMS according to your specific needs, you can hire a developer to make as many customizations as you want.

Full Control of LMS

LearnDash gives you the ability to control all aspects of your platform & full control over your system. Including all the content that you publish on your site. You are the sole owner of every aspect of your system.

Support & Updates

LearnDash has quite an active community on Facebook also the latest major v3.0 update is a proof of their timely updates. These are one of the most important factors before you select a platform.

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About eLearning evolve & Founder

eLearning evolve is an agency specialized in providing LMS development solutions and tools for the eLearning industry. Thereby, combining technology with education to make it scalable, flexible, accessible to masses & at par with 21st-century learning methodology.

Adeel WordCamp Karachi Speaker
Speaker WordCamp Karachi Adeel (Founder eLearning evolve)

Expert Development Skills

Adeel has developed expertise in programming by working as a web developer for 7 years now. He posses extensive knowledge of development on the WordPress platform

Focused on LMS Niche

Nothing makes him as excited as working on an LMS. LearnDash was his first encounter in this regard, developing an LMS resonates with his passion for education and enables him to express his ideas around learning and teaching through the “language of code”

Combining Passion with Skills

Adeel developed an add-on called Adaptive Learning with LearnDash. This add-on was recognized by Justin. It was even featured in the first video of 2019 by LearnDash. He dreams of a progressive model of education which could replace the current one. He thinks LMS development has given him the opportunity to unite his passion for education with his expertise in coding.

Here is what they say

I have recently worked with Adeel Raza to get some custom work achieved with LearnDash. He did an excellent job and I will be using his talents on future projects for sure. If you need help or customization’s with LearnDash I highly recommend contacting Adeel
I downloaded and tried Adeel Raza Zoom Integration plugin, and it works perfect. I had some issues with its settings (mainly because of me), and Adeel was very helpful and even updated the plugin on the go to fit my needs (RTL support and Hebrew translation, that I sent him). I started offering this plugin to my clients, and they are very keen about it. Great job here, Adeel
Thanks Adeel Raza your professional help was incredible and so fast. thanks for your help.
Adeel is a very talented developer who always likes to be at the cutting edge of innovation. I feel that at this young age Adeel has already achieved a lot in terms of skill set and will only get better with his peak far away at this point in time. On a personal level, he is extremely dedicated, honest and understanding which make him an ideal member for any team

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